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Lovechess Salvage
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About Artmunk:
Artmunk games is a leading multimedia company which specializes in developing games for the erotic market. Over the years our focus has been to deliver high quality and exciting 3D games for adult gamers.
Playgirl & Artmunk:
It’s official, Playgirl and Artmunk Games are joining forces to create the best instructional & fun erotic computer game together! The game is titled "The Virtual encyclopedia of Sex" and is available at Artmunkgames.com.
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Welcome to the erotic world of Lovechess!
The Lovechess series are known for their stylish and lighthearted combination of erotica and chess. Lovechess the Greek era was the first in the series and this title received many awards and press coverage around the world. It was the first “real” 3D sex game of it's time that was more then just interactive pornography.

The second title in the series is Lovechess : Age of Egypt. This game expanded the Lovechess concept with online play and a new engine. This version is is based upon the Egyptian mythology and takes place in a temple complex of ancient Egypt.

Lovechess Salvage is the latest in the series, this version is build from the ground up and features a new theme and engine. This time the game is not set in ancient times, but in a futuristic postwar scenery with highly detailed charterers and “real” interactive sex. Lovechess Salvage will be available this Spring for both PC and Mac!

And as always, we promise that whenever you play an Artmunk game, you will have an experience that you will never forget!